GreenFleet Arrive 'N' Drive

The GreenFleet Arrive’n’Drive has now passed. For information on future events in this area please contact

The UK’s leading ultra-low emission fleet event is back… And what a line-up we have for you this year! Celebrating our 11th year at “The Home of the Arrive’n’Drive” – Rockingham – we are once again delighted to bring you the very latest in ultra-low emission vehicles and technology, all of which is designed to help fleets to “go ultra-low”.

Our industry has made some terrific steps forward in reducing carbon emissions, across the UK, in general, but in particular, in the UK’s major cities. However, when the message was “reduce CO₂, use electric, hybrid or if not, then low-emission diesel”… we as a sector took note, acted, and helped make a significant impact. Now, we’re being told that as a result, the NOx levels in some of the UK’s major cities is having a serious impact on air quality, and as a result, we’re now being pressed to act again!

One thing is for sure… Other major UK cities have already been told to follow London’s lead and implement a “Clean Air Zone” to help improve air quality. This will mean a variety of restrictions being placed on organisations that operate vehicles in their centres, and this event is designed to help you make the right decision… “Right Vehicle… Right Choice”. Plus, GreenFleet has already been helping some of them raise awareness and instigate change. Derby, Southampton and Leeds have already had an event to achieve just this, with one in the North East planned for October too.

The news coming out of government continues to indicate their desire to help the industry go ultra-low, with the plug-in car and van grants still available. Last year, Transport Minister Andrew Jones announced £19 million funding to help the freight industry cut vehicle emissions and unveiled a new accreditation scheme.

A new £23 million fund to accelerate the take up of hydrogen vehicles and roll out more cutting-edge infrastructure has been announced by the government earlier this year too.
Hydrogen fuel providers will be able to bid for funding in partnership with organisations that produce hydrogen vehicles to help build high-tech infrastructure, including fuel stations. The funding will boost the creation of hydrogen fuel infrastructure and uptake of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Transport Minister John Hayes said:
“The transition to zero emission road transport is both inevitable and desirable as it will improve air quality in many of our towns and cities. Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles can play a vital role alongside battery electric vehicles to help us cut harmful emissions…

… We know availability of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure can be a potential obstacle to the take up of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. That’s why we’re providing support to give interested parties the confidence to continue to invest in this new emerging technology to help us achieve our ambition for almost all new cars and vans to be zero emission by 2040.”

A competition will be launched this summer, and will invite proposals from public organisations, businesses and hydrogen operators. The government will provide match funding for successful bidders as part of its plans to cut carbon emissions, improve air quality and deliver economic opportunities for the UK.

In summary, this event allows fleet managers and professionals, as well as those responsible for their organisation’s environmental and sustainability plans, to test drive the vehicles and put them through their paces, in a controlled environment, on a world class race track.

As usual, the event is FREE TO ATTEND, and comes with breakfast, all-day refreshments and a lovely buffet lunch.

So, REGISTER NOW and join us on the day… It’ll be the best fleet decision you will make this year!

We look forward to seeing you at Rockingham on 28th September!