Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Bradshaw is the UK’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles for industry. We make, sell and hire vehicles.

This year, we became the UK distributor for the new Goupil G4 range of electric road vehicles. There are eleven models to choose from, including a Flatbed, Cage body and High Tip. Each vehicle is designed to meet your fleet needs for last mile delivery or collection.

With a speed of up to 31mph, an operational range of up to 50 miles, a payload of up to 981kg, low noise and zero emissions, the Goupil G4 is great for load carrying in local areas.

Many of our customers are choosing a lithium ion battery upgrade for even faster recharge and premier battery performance. These batteries come with a five-year guarantee.

The G4 range is made by Goupil, part of the Polaris Group. For more than 60 years, the Polaris brand has been synonymous with making high quality, breakthrough products - which is a big part of why we love working with them!

Visit us on Stand 10A at Greenfleet Arrive n Drive - Rockingham, or call us now to arrange a demo - +44 (0) 1780 782621.