Cardinus Risk Management

Cardinus Risk Management

Cardinus Risk Management has been providing fleet risk management solutions for over 15 years. Our UK-wide network of qualified trainers deliver over 6,000 in-vehicle driver awareness training sessions every year for hundreds of organisations, large and small.

Cardinus Risk Management’s range of services can be brought together to form a complete managed service or used in isolation to address specific requirements. With a mix of e-learning, classroom and behind-the-wheel training, driver checks and other fleet management services, our smart solutions can improve your driving programme in a number of ways:

  • Reduced insurance premiums and bent metal costs
  • Fewer incidents and accidents
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Better, more aware drivers
  • Compliance with legislation and your duty of care obligations

Cardinus is trusted by many well-known brands in the fleet and driver training industries, including insurance providers, vehicle leasing companies and breakdown services, to offer white-labelled services on their behalf. They know Cardinus can be relied on to provide premium quality services under their name.

Services include:

  • Online driver e-learning and risk assessment
  • In-vehicle training, including driver awareness, speed awareness and eco-driving
  • Licence checking and grey fleet checks
  • Fleet management solutions, including management workshops, training, policy documents and more