EVision Electric Car Hire

EVision Electric Car Hire is the UK’s first and largest electric car hire company. With over 100 cars on the fleet, including the Renault ZOE, BMW i3 and a wide range of Teslas, EVision has an electric car to suit everyone’s needs. EVision’s expanding fleet will also include the new Jaguar I-Pace later this year, as well as the hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3 in the near future.

And it’s not just self-drive hire that’s available; EVision also offers a chauffeured service for airport transfers and beyond. EVision electric cars are the perfect choice for use as company fleet cars.

You don’t have to worry about depreciation of the cars value or even maintenance costs. Using EVision electric cars will also save you and your employees a huge amount of money in fuel, and not forgetting to mention that the cars are exempt from emission based charges in the UK, such as the London Congestion Charge. Your employees will not only be boosting your company’s green credentials, they will also be benefiting from the very low Benefit in Kind tax rates for ultra-low emission cars.

For more information, visit our website at www.evrent.co.uk or call 01634 914063.