Paneltex Electric Vehicles

Paneltex is a UK-based commercial vehicle bodybuilder, with extensive experience in converting its own range of fully electric, zero emission trucks.

As a creative and supportive commercial vehicle bodybuilder, we at Paneltex thrive on opportunities to innovate. We continually aim to lead the way in developing refrigerated and specialised vehicles and storage systems which are more productive, safe, clean, easily operated, good looking and efficient.

We do this by focusing on more than just delivering a product. We work closely with our customers to find a perfect solution which adds real value to their business. From concept design through to vehicle delivery and whole-life aftercare, all of us at Paneltex offer our service.

Initially a development project in 2007, the first Paneltex electric trucks hit the roads in the UK in 2008. Since then, there have been successful trials and pilot vehicles in numerous customer fleets. The latest range of the Paneltex Electric Vehicle is based on an Isuzu chassis cab, incorporating a Magtec electric drive system, with available GVWR from 5.5T to 11T. Highlights include a range of up to 200km, zero tailpipe emissions and pence-per-mile running costs. These vehicles really are an excellent replacement for similar traditionally-powered vehicles.